Easily disable or enable a monitor on your Mac.


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Adds the missing feature to disable a monitor on your Mac!

Easily disable, enable or change the resolution of a monitor!



It has been reported that the software is able to cause irretrievable damages to your computer.
Use at your own risk!

The project development has been stopped and won't be continued, if you want to be a maintainer consider opening an issue.

Console Usage

You can use DisableMonitor with the console.
Following switches are available:

$ /Applications/DisableMonitor.app/Contents/MacOS/DisableMonitor --help
usage: DisableMonitor [options]
-l, --list         list all attached monitors
-d, --disable ID   disable monitor with specified id
-e, --enable ID    enable monitor with specified id
-h, --help         show this help

Example Usage:

$ /Applications/DisableMonitor.app/Contents/MacOS/DisableMonitor --list
 ID         Name
----------- -----------------
 188823026  SyncMaster (1)
 188834480  SyncMaster (2)
----------- -----------------
$ /Applications/DisableMonitor.app/Contents/MacOS/DisableMonitor --disable 188834480

(More switches might be coming)


You can contribute to this project! Just create a fork, do the changes and do a pull request.
Add new features, languages or what ever you think could enhance the app.


Building requires the OSX 10.6 Framework



  • Issue #27 Fixed


  • Automatic update checks
  • Code cleaning
  • Rules BETA (Issue #13)
  • Updated console usage


  • Added Yosemite White Icon
  • Added posibility to disable mirrored monitor (Issue #9)


  • Added Updater
  • Added Quit Menu (Alternative Menu)
  • Added Start Screensaver Menu (Alternative Menu)
  • Added console usage (Issue #8)
  • Added About Dialog


  • Added Icons
  • Added Lock Screens
  • Fixed Issues #5 & #6


  • Minor Bugfixes


  • Manage Resolutions
  • Ratio


  • Support for 10.6


  • Move windows from disabled monitor to an active one


  • Resolution can now be changed!
  • Bugfixes
  • improved stability
  • added German language


App Icon by http://ionicons.com/

  • CLI, Enable / Disable hangs

    CLI, Enable / Disable hangs

    I'm trying to use the command line options in a script (on Yosemite), but the screen I'm trying to disable stays enabled, and the call to DisableMonitor doesn't return.

    bug help wanted OSX10.10 fixed 
    opened by retorquere 33
  • Is it supposed to switch off displays?

    Is it supposed to switch off displays?

    Enabling/disabling doesn't work. MacBook Pro, Retina 2013. When having an external HDMI monitor connected, clicking Disable doesn't do anything - monitor blinks and then turns on again. Mavericks 10.9.4. Thank you!

    opened by anastasiuspernat 10
  • Mac OS X 10.7 support

    Mac OS X 10.7 support

    Is there anything special in this great application which prevents it from running on OS X Lion? I have an old MacBook which detects a phantom display (http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/142880/macbook-detects-a-phantom-display) and I think your application is exactly what I am looking for. Unfortunately it does not run on that machine. If it is only about changing build target, could you please build a version which supports older OS's too?

    opened by gklka 8
  • command line not responding

    command line not responding

    works fine via the menubar. when invoked via command line though, it starts (shows up in the command line) but does not respond in the terminal. Even though I tried all mentioned switches, it might be some silly mistake on my side...

    OS X Yosemite, Mavericks bildschirmfoto 2015-01-31 um 11 03 03

    opened by vinthesun 5
  • Add

    Add "Quit DisableMonitor" option

    It would be nice to have a built-in "Quit DisableMonitor" option in the dropdown Taskbar GUI, instead of having to run "kill DisableMonitor" in Terminal.

    help wanted 
    opened by agsimeonov 4
  • Branch names

    Branch names

    ... are a bit confusing.

    The default one is an orphan branch with just a README. The development branch seems to be gui? It would be much clearer if the README was moved to the gui branch and gui renamed to master, and master set as the default branch on GitHub.

    opened by williamboman 3
  • Main screen goes off, no way to turn back on!

    Main screen goes off, no way to turn back on!

    This is a stupid tool! It disables main screen without telling you that you have no way of getting it back.

    opened by abiusx 3
  • Notify that Assistive Access has not been granted, ignore problems in assistive access to resume disabling

    Notify that Assistive Access has not been granted, ignore problems in assistive access to resume disabling

    On my MacBookPro10,1 running 10.9.4, DisableMonitor can't disable my 27" monitors attached via Thunderbolt.

    opened by garthk 3
  • Disable Mirrored Screen

    Disable Mirrored Screen

    • when two screens are mirrored the second one is not recognised (not listed)

    for example: The secondary monitor is a Cintiq13hd and it would be great to turn off its display when not used for drawing in photoshop while keeping its touch (pen) function - basically use it as a Intuos tablet. (This works when it is used as a second screen without mirroring)

    opened by githubber0 2
  • Support for Widescreen Resolution? (21:9)

    Support for Widescreen Resolution? (21:9)


    Thank you for making such a good program.

    I wonder if you could add or create an option for 21:9 monitors.

    For example, my monitor supports 2560 x 1080. I have been using mac pixel clock patch, but as I upgraded to Sierra, the patch no longer works. So I tried your program but no luck still..

    Let us know!

    opened by Ruatilda 2
  • Logs me out when external monitor connected as second display.

    Logs me out when external monitor connected as second display.

    So, I've just installed this app thinking it would solve a problem. Instead it created an even bigger one. It keeps logging me out when I try to connect my second display to work on. Now the only option is to mirror one of the two. It did change the resolution of the external display tho.. But frankly it's completely useless now.

    I wonder if there is a fix for this. I mean, I really need that second display.

    So if someone has an answer, or similar issues. Please let me know!

    opened by EBDsgn 0
  • Re-enable built-in screen after unplugging

    Re-enable built-in screen after unplugging

    For some reason even in clamshell mode, with 2 external monitors, my MacBook pretends that the built-in screen is open, I can move windows there or lose my mouse there, very annoying. So I found your app trying to fix that problem, but now if I disable the built-in screen and the have to unplug from my USB adapter for the 2 monitors to go to a meeting for example, when I get there the screen is off and I have to force-remove my macbook to bring it back up. Is there a way to make it so that if there are any changes to which monitors are connected that it would reset all monitors to on?

    opened by rsmolkin 0


    This app somehow ruined one of the thunderbolt ports on a 6 month old MacBook Pro. Resetting SMC/PRAM and reinstalling MacOS did not fix it. It seems like it somehow corrupted the hardware, as the port will no longer connect to a display even in recovery mode. Luckily the other ports still work fine with external displays.

    This software should be removed. Until then, use with extreme risk.

    opened by deepsu16 3
  • Duplicated entries

    Duplicated entries


    Hi have a strange issue with all resolutions listed twice in the menu (screenshot attached). I think there is maybe a difference between them but I cannot find what it is. Is it a bug ?

    Best regards, Matthieu

    screen shot 2018-01-22 at 15 35 47

    opened by bouthors 1
  • tried to change resolution but the screen went gray

    tried to change resolution but the screen went gray

    on el captain. tried restarting but it's still gray. is there a shortcut to disable it? or any resolutions?

    opened by coolsocks 1
  • Disabling one screen, the other also disabled at the same time

    Disabling one screen, the other also disabled at the same time

    On 2017 iMac 5K (Radeon Pro 580, macOS 10.13.2), disabling one screen the other will be also disabled at the same time. Been tested with an Acer monitor and a Samsung TV. Unplugging the HDMI to bring back iMac's screen.

    opened by ravingdrifter 1
  • Still Getting only one resolution to choose

    Still Getting only one resolution to choose

    Hey there! I installed MacOS Sierra in Virtual box in windows host. but MacOS is running in the 4:3 resolution, it is working in a square window! I tried almost everything but I failed!! can anyone help me plz?

    opened by mrrohithere 1
  • ultra wide monitor 3440 x 1440

    ultra wide monitor 3440 x 1440

    any chance to get ultra wide monitor 3440 x 1440 ? I cannot detect my external monitor

    opened by biskero 4
  • Does it work with High Sierra 10.13.1?

    Does it work with High Sierra 10.13.1?

    I've got three monitors. I tried to disable one of them and all monitors went black and I had to reboot.

    opened by sdondley 15
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