:octocat: Open source github contribution stats on your Mac OS X Menu Bar

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:octocat: A plugin for BitBar to quickly show your open source GitHub contribution stats and help set contribution goals, all on your Mac OS X Menu Bar. :octocat:

Almost all of us have private repos we tend to work on, and it's really easy to neglect your OSS work. So, I created Gitbar to make daily public contributions a habit. Gitbar is a OSX Menu Bar utility that shows your daily GitHub stats, streaks, and contributions. You can even set contribution goals in the application.

dank application screenshot


  • Must be on Mac OSX (Snow Leopard or newer (>= 10.6))
  • Have Node.js and npm installed


First, download and install BitBar.

Clone the plugin repo:

$ git clone https://github.com/Shikkic/gitbar/

Inside the repo folder, install the dependencies:

$ npm install


In the root folder you'll need to modify the .env file with your GitHub username. Here you'll also be able to customize contribution goal tracking as well. Simply give the tracking value TRUE or FALSE to turn it on or off, respectively, and provide your ideal goal number to give yourself a completion percentage.


Now, launch BitBar and select the gitbar_plugin folder as your Plugin Folder.



If you have an error resulting from your path to Node, edit the shebang at the top of gh.5m.js to include the correct path.

To find the correct path simply run:

$ which -a node


Obviously BitBar.

I also use the gh-scrape to crawl GitHub and parse selected values from public GitHub profiles. Feel free to contribute if you'd like!

I use this module instead of using the GitHub API for a few reasons. I wanted to make it as easy as possible to setup and requiring users to generate and input an API key made the barrier of entry seem high. Also, this allows us to only focus on publicly available contributions, which was the original intended purpose.

Suggestions, comments?

Feel free to create an issue or reach out on the 💬 BitBar Slack or Twitter @shikkic!

  • Getting undefined values

    Getting undefined values

    I'm getting some undefined values. Is it possible that this is caused by GitHub recently removing the streak display on user's profiles?

    screenshot 2016-06-05 at 21 49 26

    opened by KCreate 11
  • Font size, Emoji parsing, Menu bar style detection

    Font size, Emoji parsing, Menu bar style detection

    Hi! I added 3 things here:

    • Adjust font size to match default menubar font size. As it is right now, the font size is just a pixel off the desired size of the rest of the menu bar, making the font ever so slightly misaligned. This should fix that.
    • Use BitBar's built-in Github style emoji parsing. BitBar supports using :broken_heart: and stuff, thought I'd switch that so that you don't have to find the unicode characters for emojis.
    • Lastly, Add user menu bar style detection. When I installed this bitbar plugin, the "Completion" line was invisible as black color does not display on the menu bar if the user has their Mac menu bar set to Dark. This patch will determine whether to use white (for dark mode) or black (for light mode) using $ defaults read -g AppleInterfaceStyle shell command.

    Let me know what you think!

    opened by qasim 3
  • bump gh-scrape version to 1.1.0

    bump gh-scrape version to 1.1.0

    Brings in a new more compatible version of gh-srape. Should get things working again.

    opened by Shikkic 3
  • License?


    Could you put a license on this so others will be more likely to contribute? (presuming you want to make this FOSS) Thanks!

    opened by stacybird 2
  • spelling


    opened by johnbickmore 1
  • Use sample.env instead of .env

    Use sample.env instead of .env

    Everytime I pull a new version of your project, I have to update the .env file. If you rename the .env file to sample.env and put .env in the .gitignore, it will save us users of gitbar just a slight headache in keeping up with the latest version. :zap: :zap:

    opened by nlaz 1
  • Minor grammar & spelling, edit links

    Minor grammar & spelling, edit links

    Add CamelCase to GitHub and BitBar, remove BitBar as a prereq (because it's included in the installation instructions), add links to Twitter, fix minor typos.

    opened by cassidoo 0
  • Redesign layout

    Redesign layout

    Merge in a new design!

    opened by Shikkic 0
  • Track a daily contribution goal

    Track a daily contribution goal

    I've added the feature to track daily contribution goals. This adds the following environment variables to the .env config file:

    • CONTRIBUTION_GOAL_DAILY - The daily contribution goal

    If CONTRIBUTION_GOAL_DAILY_TRACKING is set to true, the app now behaves as follows:

    • If the daily contributions are 0, the emoji is set to 💔
    • If the daily contributions are lower than the daily goal, the emoji is set to 📈
    • If the daily contributions are higher or equal than the daily goal, the emoji is set to ⭐

    This pull request also fixes a bug where setting CONTRIBUTION_GOAL_TRACKING to false would still show the contribution goal.

    screenshot 2016-06-07 at 19 03 10

    Any more thoughts on this?

    opened by KCreate 5
  • Merge into bitbar plugins repo

    Merge into bitbar plugins repo

    Would love to have this plugin officially be merged into bitbar's plugin repo. I was told that it might need to be compiled to a binary since it has hard dependencies.

    Should consider looking into https://github.com/jaredallard/nexe, definitely want to create a PR soon.

    opened by Shikkic 0
  • Update README

    Update README

    Just merged in a PR from @nlaz to rename the .env to sample-env to better preserve peoples configuration changes. Should update the readme to include this information.

    opened by Shikkic 1
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