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Buttercup Desktop ²

⚠️ Buttercup v2 is in pre-release - It will reach its stable release channel soon


Buttercup is a free, open-source and cross-platform password manager, built on NodeJS with Typescript. It uses strong industry-standard encryption to protect your passwords and credentials (among other data you store in Buttercup vaults) at rest, within vault files (.bcup). Vaults can be loaded from and saved to a number of sources, such as the local filesystem, Dropbox, Google Drive or any WebDAV-enabled service (like ownCloud or Nextcloud ¹).

Why you need a password manager

Password management is a crucial tool when you have any online presence. It's vital that all of your accounts online use strong and unique passwords so that they're much more difficult to break in to. Even if one of your accounts are breached, having unique passwords means that the likelihood of the attacker gaining further access to your accounts portfolio is greatly reduced.

Without a password manager, such as Buttercup, it would be very tedious to manage different passwords for each service. If you remember your passwords it's a good sign that they're not strong enough. Ideally you should memorise a primary password for your vault, and not know any of the account-specific passwords off the top of your head.


Buttercup securely encrypts your data in protected files, but this security is only as strong as the weakest component - and this is very often the primary password used to lock and unlock your vault. Follow these basic guidelines to ensure that your vault is safe even if exposed:

  • Choose a unique password that is not used elsewhere
  • Use a highly-varied set of different characters - such as alpha-numeric, symbols and spaces
  • Use a long password - the longer the better
  • Don't include words or names in the password
  • Never share your password with anyone

It is very important to note that no one associated with Buttercup will ever request your personal vault or its primary password. Do not share it or any of its related details with anyone. Developers or contributors working with Buttercup may request example vaults created via your system to try and reproduce issues, but please ensure to never use your real password or store actual credentails within such vaults.


The current stable version is 2. We recommend upgrading if you're still on v1, as it is no longer being actively maintained. You can still browse the v1 source and documentation here.

Operating Systems

Buttercup Desktop is officially supported on:

  • Most linux distributions (x64), such as Ubuntu
  • MacOS (x64, non-ARM)
  • Windows 10 (x64)

Arch Linux

Buttercup is also available for Arch via the AUR. This release channel is maintained by our community.

Some Arch users have reported the occasional segfault - if you experience this please try this solution before creating an issue.


Buttercup provides a portable Windows version. Look for the release with the name Buttercup-win-x64-2.0.0-portable.exe where 2.0.0 is the version.

Although not explicitly portable, both the Mac zip and Linux AppImage formats are more or less standalone. They still write to the standard config/log destinations, however.


Configuration files are stored in OS-specific locations.

App config

Application configuration.

  • Linux: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/Buttercup/desktop.config.json
  • Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Buttercup/desktop.config.json
  • Windows: $APPDATA/Buttercup/Config/desktop.config.json

Vault storage

Storage of connected vaults (not actual vault contents).

  • Linux: $XDG_DATA_HOME/Buttercup/vaults.json
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Buttercup/vaults.json
  • Windows: $LOCALAPPDATA/Buttercup/Data/vaults.json

Offline vault cache

Stored copies of vaults for offline use.

  • Linux: $(node -e "console.log(os.tmpdir())")/$(whoami)/Buttercup/vaults-offline.cache.json
  • Mac: $(node -e "console.log(os.tmpdir())")/Buttercup/vaults-offline.cache.json
  • Windows: $(node -e "console.log(os.tmpdir())")/Buttercup/vaults-offline.cache.json


Logs are written for all app sessions.

  • Linux: ~/.local/state/Buttercup-nodejs or $XDG_STATE_HOME/Buttercup-nodejs
  • Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Buttercup-nodejs
  • Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Buttercup-nodejs\Log

Note that logs for portable Windows applications will be written to the same directory that the executable resides in.

Published Applications

You can view the current releases on the Buttercup Desktop releases page. Under each release are some assets - the various binaries and installers for each platform Buttercup supports. When installing or downloading, make sure to pick the right operating system and architecture for your machine.

Note that at this time, Buttercup only supports x64 (64 bit) machines.


We provide an AppImage build for Linux, because it is the most desirable format for us to release. AppImages support auto-updating, a crucial feature (we feel) for a security application. The other build types do not.

We won't be supporting formats like Snapcraft, deb or rpm images as they do not align with our requirements. Issues requesting these formats will be closed immediately. Discussion on topics like this should be started on other social channels.


To begin developing features or bug-fixes for Buttercup Desktop, make sure that you first have Node v14 installed with a current version of NPM.

Once cloned, make sure to install all dependencies: npm install. After that, open 2 terminals and run npm run start:renderer in one and npm run start:main in the other.


There are a number of ways you can contribute to Buttercup!

Features & Bug fixes

We welcome pull-requests and issues that serve to better Buttercup as a platform. Please remain respecful (this is free & open source after all) with your ideas and observations, and always consider opening an issue before starting on a substantial pull request.


Buttercup relies on the community for translating its interfaces into languages besides English. We use British English (en_GB) as the base language, and translate into all others that our contributors are kind enough to provide.

To add support for a language, make sure to add the translations for our vault UI first. After that, you can follow these instructions to add another language to the desktop application:

  • Copy the source/shared/i18n/translations/en.json file to the language code you're providing (eg. fi.json for Finnish).
  • Edit the source/shared/i18n/translations/index.ts file and:
    • Import the new JSON file: import fi from "./fi.json";.
    • Export the imported constant inside the default export already in that file.


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].

We'd also like to thank:


Thank you to all our backers! 🙏 [Become a backer]


Support this project by becoming a sponsor. Your logo will show up here with a link to your website. [Become a sponsor]

Notes and Caveats

  • ¹ External services like Nextcloud and ownCloud must be configured correctly to support access via the web (using WebDAV). CORS must permit access from any source.
  • ² Buttercup (including MadDev Oy) is not affiliated with any of the companies represented in screenshots or preview images.
  • UX: Open URL of entry using CMD + Click on URL

    UX: Open URL of entry using CMD + Click on URL

    It would be very nice to open URLs easily using CMD + Click or STRG + Click.

    Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-21 um 12 56 38

    A lot of appliactions make use of this shortcut like vscode, IntelliJ Webstorm, Visual Studio or text applications like LibreOffice. I think this would be an improvement to UX 😄

    opened by julianpoemp 0
  • Launching results in blank window

    Launching results in blank window

    Launching buttercup desktop results in blank window.

    Recent changes: propr nvidia drivers set to modeset.

    Distro: Arch Kernel: 5.14.5-arch1-1 Desktop: KDE (Wayland)

    Log messages when started from console: [INF] 09:24:05: Application starting [INF] 09:24:05: Registering protocol: buttercup [ERR] 09:24:05: Failed registering protocol: buttercup [INF] 09:24:05: Application ready

    Workaround: Starting as sudo buttercup --no-sandbox fixes the issue temporarily.

    opened by lolkusus 0
  • WEBDAV error for write

    WEBDAV error for write

    I can add a vault from webdav server thats work fine on the MacOS client, Linux Client or chrome plugin but I can't write new password on each client.

    Error on MACOS request failed with status code 403

    On plugin web Failed updating archive Unable to update archive (3d8070bb-2720-4e73-9aa3-e5b5ed279c66): Failed applying vault facade: Request failed with status code 403

    Suggestion ?

    opened by acexiis 0
  • Linux AppImage download link not working

    Linux AppImage download link not working

    It looks like the download link on "buttercup.pw" for the Linux AppImage is not working (github page 404). The link directs to: https://github.com/buttercup/buttercup-desktop/releases/download/v2.10.0/Buttercup-linux-x64-2.10.0.AppImage

    I think this is the correct link it should be directing to: https://github.com/buttercup/buttercup-desktop/releases/download/v2.10.0/Buttercup-linux-x64.AppImage

    Thanks for the great app, works great on all platforms!! Only had some issues getting it to work on my Linux laptop

    opened by odessing 0
  • Buttercup can't unlock vault

    Buttercup can't unlock vault

    This is the situation: Everything was working fine even yesterday but today i try to launch the app-image and this is what i see. System is up to date and i haven't modified anything major. I checked if the vaults.json is valid and it seems to be. I downloaded the latest version from here and the same problem occurs.

    This is the console output:

    [INF] 15:16:49: Application starting [INF] 15:16:49: Registering protocol: buttercup [ERR] 15:16:49: Failed registering protocol: buttercup [INF] 15:16:50: Application ready [INF] 15:16:50: Application session started: 2021-09-01T15:16:50.228Z [INF] 15:16:50: Logs location: /home/cnc/.local/state/Buttercup-nodejs/buttercup-desktop.log [ERR] 15:16:50: SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input at undefined
    at parse
    at …LqU/resources/app.asar/build/main/library/FileStorage.js:66 return JSON.parse(data);
    at next
    at fulfilled …eLqU/resources/app.asar/build/main/library/FileStorage.js:5 function fulfilled(value) { try { step(generator.next(value)); } catch (e) { re…

    This is what i get from logs:

    [INF] 18:10:42: Application starting [INF] 18:10:42: Registering protocol: buttercup [ERR] 18:10:42: Failed registering protocol: buttercup [INF] 18:10:42: Application ready [INF] 18:10:42: Application session started: 2021-08-12T18:10:42.768Z [INF] 18:10:42: Logs location: /home/cnc/.local/state/Buttercup-nodejs/buttercup-desktop.log [INF] 18:10:42: System locale detected: en-US [INF] 18:10:42: Starting with language: en-US [INF] 18:10:42: Updated search records for 0 vaults [INF] 18:10:42: Updated search records for 0 vaults [INF] 18:10:42: Updated search records for 0 vaults [INF] 18:10:42: Applying theme source: system [INF] 18:10:42: Portable mode: no [INF] 18:10:42: Biometrics: yes [INF] 18:10:42: Initialisation completed [INF] 18:10:44: (front-end) Initialising Buttercup core [INF] 18:10:44: (front-end) Starting with language: en-US [INF] 18:10:44: (front-end) Window opened and initialised [INF] 18:10:44: (front-end) Setting body theme: dark [INF] 18:10:44: (front-end) Updated 1 vaults from back-end [INF] 18:10:44: (front-end) Rendering application [INF] 18:10:44: (front-end) Auto-nav: First vault in order: 3237f054-4e0f-4bc2-8ea7-4c8a7ef6e382 [INF] 18:10:44: (front-end) Toggling auto-update for vault editing (editing=false, auto-update=true) [INF] 18:10:44: Enabled auto-update [INF] 18:10:45: Checking for updates [INF] 18:10:46: No update available [INF] 18:10:51: (front-end) Unlocking source: 3237f054-4e0f-4bc2-8ea7-4c8a7ef6e382 [ERR] 18:10:51: Failed unlocking vault source Layerr: Failed unlocking source: Authentication failed while decrypting content at …pp.asar/node_modules/buttercup/dist/core/VaultSource.js:487 throw new layerr_1.Layerr(err, "Failed unlocking source"); [INF] 18:11:22: (front-end) Unlocking source: 3237f054-4e0f-4bc2-8ea7-4c8a7ef6e382 [ERR] 18:11:22: Failed unlocking vault source Layerr: Failed unlocking source: Authentication failed while decrypting content at …pp.asar/node_modules/buttercup/dist/core/VaultSource.js:487 throw new layerr_1.Layerr(err, "Failed unlocking source"); [INF] 18:11:27: (front-end) Unlocking source: 3237f054-4e0f-4bc2-8ea7-4c8a7ef6e382 [ERR] 18:11:27: Failed unlocking vault source Layerr: Failed unlocking source: Authentication failed while decrypting content at …pp.asar/node_modules/buttercup/dist/core/VaultSource.js:487 throw new layerr_1.Layerr(err, "Failed unlocking source"); [INF] 18:11:42: (front-end) Unlocking source: 3237f054-4e0f-4bc2-8ea7-4c8a7ef6e382 [ERR] 18:11:42: Failed unlocking vault source Layerr: Failed unlocking source: Authentication failed while decrypting content at …pp.asar/node_modules/buttercup/dist/core/VaultSource.js:487 throw new layerr_1.Layerr(err, "Failed unlocking source"); [INF] 18:12:05: (front-end) Unlocking source: 3237f054-4e0f-4bc2-8ea7-4c8a7ef6e382 [INF] 18:12:05: Update search record for vault: 3237f054-4e0f-4bc2-8ea7-4c8a7ef6e382 [INF] 18:12:05: Updated search records for 1 vaults [INF] 18:12:05: Unlocked source: 3237f054-4e0f-4bc2-8ea7-4c8a7ef6e382 (took: 251.404925 ms) [INF] 18:12:05: (front-end) Updated 1 vaults from back-end [INF] 18:12:05: (front-end) Unlocked source: 3237f054-4e0f-4bc2-8ea7-4c8a7ef6e382 [INF] 18:40:48: Checking for updates [INF] 18:40:49: No update available [INF] 19:10:52: Checking for updates [INF] 19:10:52: No update available [INF] 19:40:55: Checking for updates [INF] 19:40:56: No update available [INF] 20:10:58: Checking for updates [INF] 20:10:59: No update available [INF] 20:41:01: Checking for updates

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  • AppImage starts with blank screen on Linux Mint

    AppImage starts with blank screen on Linux Mint

    Seen with both, the appimage of version 2.8.3 and 2.10.0 Running on Linux Mint 20.2 -- Buttercup was running happily on the system before doing an apt upgrade yesterday. That upgrade was massive, though. Since then, buttercup fails to start properly:

    • Start the appimage, the window appears, with menues, but otherwise all white.
    • Quit and open devtools works, but the screen remains blank even after force refresh.


    The console output from 2.10.0 is:

    $ Buttercup-linux-x64.AppImage 
    [INF] 11:01:39: Application starting
    [INF] 11:01:39: Registering protocol: buttercup
    [ERR] 11:01:39: Failed registering protocol: buttercup
    [INF] 11:01:39: Application ready
    [INF] 11:01:39: Application session started: 2021-08-25T11:01:39.930Z
    [INF] 11:01:39: Logs location: /home/testy/.local/state/Buttercup-nodejs/buttercup-desktop.log
    [INF] 11:01:39: System locale detected: en-US
    [INF] 11:01:39: Starting with language: en-US
    [INF] 11:01:39: Updated search records for 0 vaults
    [INF] 11:01:39: Updated search records for 0 vaults
    [INF] 11:01:39: Updated search records for 0 vaults
    [INF] 11:01:39: Updated search records for 0 vaults
    [INF] 11:01:40: Applying theme source: system
    [INF] 11:01:40: Starting file host (key exists: true)
    [INF] 11:01:40: Portable mode: no
    [INF] 11:01:40: Biometrics: yes
    [INF] 11:01:40: Initialisation completed
    [176044:0825/130140.122115:FATAL:memory_linux.cc(37)] Out of memory.
    [176086:0825/130140.432434:FATAL:memory_linux.cc(37)] Out of memory.
    [176117:0825/130140.641545:FATAL:memory_linux.cc(37)] Out of memory.
    [176131:0825/130140.802271:FATAL:memory_linux.cc(37)] Out of memory.
    [176140:0825/130140.908136:FATAL:memory_linux.cc(37)] Out of memory.
    [176149:0825/130141.014918:FATAL:memory_linux.cc(37)] Out of memory.
    [INF] 11:01:42: Checking for updates
    Checking for update
    Update for version 2.10.0 is not available (latest version: 2.10.0, downgrade is disallowed).
    [INF] 11:01:43: No update available
    (node:176003) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Timed-out waiting for window to load
        at Timeout._onTimeout (/tmp/.mount_ButteroskryJ/resources/app.asar/build/main/services/windows.js:62:53)
        at listOnTimeout (internal/timers.js:554:17)
        at processTimers (internal/timers.js:497:7)
    (Use `buttercup --trace-warnings ...` to show where the warning was created)
    (node:176003) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection. This error originated either by throwing inside of an async function without a catch block, or by rejecting a promise which was not handled with .catch(). To terminate the node process on unhandled promise rejection, use the CLI flag `--unhandled-rejections=strict` (see https://nodejs.org/api/cli.html#cli_unhandled_rejections_mode). (rejection id: 1)
    (node:176003) [DEP0018] DeprecationWarning: Unhandled promise rejections are deprecated. In the future, promise rejections that are not handled will terminate the Node.js process with a non-zero exit code.

    Same with version 2.8.3, except that 2.10.0 is correctly announced as an available update.

    My machine has 5 GB of RAM used out of a total of 16GB. All disk partitions have several GB free too. Not sure what I can do about the 'Out of memory' errors there.

    opened by jnweiger 1
  • Various issues with importing 1Password data

    Various issues with importing 1Password data

    Hi, after some time I gave a second shot to Buttercup and found that it still inherit plenty of issues with importing 1password data. Last time I tried it was version 1.16, and the last one is 2.10. Let me summarize the issues:

    • unable to load 1pif data, I got the following error message: Failed importing: The first argument must be of type string or an instance of Buffer, ArrayBuffer, or Array or an Array-like Object. Received undefined
    • unable to load CSV data, I got the following error message: Failed importing: Invalid Closing Quote: got "I" at line 105 instead of delimiter, record delimiter, trimable character (if activated) or comment

    Both issue seems to be related to handling quotes in attribute values, e.g. if I have a string value "some-string" and it may have additional quotes, e.g. some-string \"something\" the Buttercup will yield the above errors

    But most importantly, if I fix quotes issue, and try to load the data of mixed types (logins, notes, etc.) I get invalid imports, see attachment.

    I'm attaching my CSV example (which contains a structure I got from 1password) and associated screen shot of the data I got in Buttercup:

    "account number(accountNo)","address(address)","address(branchAddress)","admin console URL(admin_console_url)","admin console username(admin_console_username)","AirPort ID(airport_id)","alias(alias)","AOL/AIM(aim)","approved wildlife(game)","attached storage password(disk_password)","auth​ method(pop_authentication)","auth​ method(smtp_authentication)","bank name(bankName)","base station name(name)","base station password(password)","birth date(birthdate)","business(busphone)","cardholder name(cardholder)","cash withdrawal limit(cashLimit)","cell(cellphone)","company name(company_name)","company(company)","conditions / restrictions(conditions)","connection options(options)","console password(admin_console_password)","country(country)","Created Date","credit limit(creditLimit)","customer service phone(customer_service_phone)","database(database)","date of birth(birthdate)","default phone(defphone)","department(department)","download page(download_link)","email(email)","expires(expires)","expiry date(expiry_date)","expiry date(expiry)","first name(firstname)","forum signature(forumsig)","full name(fullname)","full name(name)","group(org_name)","height(height)","home(homephone)","IBAN(iban)","ICQ(icq)","initial(initial)","interest rate(interest)","issue number(issuenumber)","issued on(issue_date)","issuing authority(issuing_authority)","issuing bank(bank)","issuing country(issuing_country)","job title(jobtitle)","last name(lastname)","license class(class)","license key(reg_code)","licensed to(reg_name)","maximum quota(quota)","member ID (additional)(additional_no)","member ID(membership_no)","member name(member_name)","member since(member_since)","Modified Date","MSN(msn)","name on account(owner)","name(name)","nationality(nationality)","network name(network_name)","Notes","number(ccnum)","number(number)","occupation(occupation)","order number(order_number)","order total(order_total)","Password","password(password)","password(pop_password)","password(smtp_password)","phone (intl)(phoneIntl)","phone (local)(phone_local)","phone (local)(phoneLocal)","phone (toll free)(phone_tollfree)","phone (toll free)(phoneTollFree)","phone for reserva​tions(reservations_phone)","phone(branchPhone)","PIN(pin)","PIN(telephonePin)","place of birth(birthplace)","port number(pop_port)","port number(smtp_port)","port(port)","provider's website(provider_website)","provider(provider)","publisher(publisher_name)","purchase date(order_date)","registered email(reg_email)","reminder answer(remindera)","reminder question(reminderq)","retail price(retail_price)","routing number(routingNo)","Scope","security(pop_security)","security(smtp_security)","server / IP address(server)","server(hostname)","server(pop_server)","sex(sex)","SID(sid)","skype(skype)","SMTP server(smtp_server)","state(state)","support email(support_email)","support phone(support_contact_phone)","support URL(support_contact_url)","SWIFT(swift)","Tags","telephone(phone)","Title","Type","type(accountType)","type(database_type)","type(pop_type)","type(type)","URL","URL(url)","Username","username(pop_username)","username(smtp_username)","username(username)","valid from(valid_from)","valid from(validFrom)","verification number(cvv)","version(product_version)","website(publisher_website)","website(website)","wireless network password(wireless_password)","wireless security(wireless_security)","Yahoo(yahoo)",
    )}",,"XXX bus ","Login",,,,,"https://somesite.com",,"[email protected]",,,,,,,,,,,,,
        United Club explorer
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"ChoiceHotels",,,,,,"1251996662",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"SOMECODE","Name Family",,"1535301354",,,,,,,,,,,,"xxxxxxx",,,,,,,,,,,"xxxxxxx",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"{(
    )}",,"Choice Privileges","Reward Program",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"1333240326",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"1535301353",,,,,,"export CVSROOT=:pserver:[email protected]:/path
    )}",,"CCC cvs login","Secure Note",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    The quotes errors comes from Bus value, i.e. remove the escaped quotes and everything will be fine. And, here is what this data shows after the import in Buttercup desktop version:

    Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at Aug 23, 1 01 38 PM

    As you can clearly see none of the entries was properly imported. Therefore, I have no idea how correctly import data from 1Password.

    opened by vkuznet 0
  • The ARM support

    The ARM support

    HI, before making migration from 1Password to Buttercup I would like to know what is a status of ARM support. I saw on a main page that it is not supported yet but I would like to know if it is in pipeline and what is timeline for such support. I view ARM support important as more hardware vendors will move to it (I would assume all major platform, Linux, Mac, and WIndows) will required it soon.

    opened by vkuznet 1
  • Entry type is lost when re-importing a Buttercup CSV export

    Entry type is lost when re-importing a Buttercup CSV export

    Hi. I was not able to find any existing issue, so I'm filing a new one:

    When exporting my vault, which contains a single group, with a single 'Note' entry, the resulting CSV looks like this:


    When importing this (using 'Buttercup (CSV)') into an empty vault, the entry is now of type 'Login'. Also, I noticed, that the custom field types are not modeled in the CSV export (e.g. multi-line notes will collapse on re-import).

    Currently, I'm trying to move all my data (very specific format) to Buttercup. I planned to write a CSV file myself in the expected format. Unfortunately, the data is only partially modeled in the CSV file.

    What am I supposed to do? Is there another well-documented file format which cover more Buttercup entry and field types when importing?

    opened by pupsette 0
  • Buttons are still disabled after user stops upload

    Buttons are still disabled after user stops upload


    I tried to edit an vault entry and after that I clicked on the "Save" button. On the right top corner I've seen the uploading popup as usual, but there wasn't any progress. After quite some time it still ddin't finish so I decided to abort uploading and clicked on the "X"-symbol of the uploading popup. After that all the buttons were still disabled and I had to close and open Buttercup again.


    I think the buttons should be anabled again after aborting the upload process. Is there any timeout for the upload? If not it could be good to see an error message when the uploading process doesn't do anything for 10 seconds.

    System Information

    Buttercup v2.10.0 OS: MacOS 11.4 Connection: WebDAV to owncloud

    opened by julianpoemp 0
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Managing windows size and position in OSX

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Filip Krikava 5.3k Sep 24, 2021
Encrypted file transfer over ad hoc WiFi. No network infrastructure required, just two laptops in close range. Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Flying Carpet To download, visit the releases page! Wireless, encrypted file transfer over automatically configured ad hoc networking. No network infr

Theron Spiegl 834 Sep 18, 2021
Menu Bar RSS reader for macOS

baRSS – Menu Bar RSS Reader What is it? A RSS & Atom feed reader that lives in the system status bar. Very much inspired by RSS Menu; go ahead and che

Helena Schobs 34 Sep 16, 2021
PowerShell for every system!

PowerShell Welcome to the PowerShell GitHub Community! PowerShell Core is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and macOS) automation and configuration to

PowerShell Team 29.6k Sep 18, 2021
A native OS X KeePass client

MacPass There are a lot of iOS KeePass tools around but a distinct lack of a good native macOS version. KeePass can be used via Mono on macOS but lack

MacPass 6k Sep 23, 2021
Mac Media Keys for the Masses

Common Issues It's asked that anyone with an issue check the Wiki Section before posting a new issue. Users Guide What? BeardedSpice allows you to con

null 2.7k Sep 19, 2021
The open source Tab Manager Extension for Safari.

Ultra TabSaver The open source Tab Manager for Safari. Table of Contents Features Branches How to use it How does it work Building and running To do l

Swift open source 196 Sep 14, 2021

Übersicht Keep an eye on what's happening on your machine and in the world. For general info check out the Übersicht website. Writing Widgets In essen

Felix 3.4k Sep 15, 2021
A modern, open source password manager for individuals and teams.

Padloc Simple, secure password and data management for individuals and teams (formerly known as Padlock). This repo is split into multiple packages: P

Padloc 1.1k Sep 13, 2021
The official source code repository for the calibre ebook manager

calibre calibre is an e-book manager. It can view, convert, edit and catalog e-books in all of the major e-book formats. It can also talk to e-book re

Kovid Goyal 10.7k Sep 23, 2021
Koala is a GUI application for less, sass and coffeescript compilation, to help web developers to the development more efficient.

The project has been stopped!! The development method has changed a lot be from the project start time to now, and there are many better alternatives

Ethan Lai 4k Sep 15, 2021