A clipboard manager for Mac OS X

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A clipboard manager for Mac OS X.

New ClipMenu, completely rebuilt using Swift language, is now under development. Further information is coming soon!



If you distribute derived work, especially in the Mac App Store, I ask you to follow two rules:

  1. Don't use "ClipMenu" as your product name.
  2. Follow the MIT license terms.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Target environments

  • Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.6
  • Xcode 3.2
  • Manual reference counting


The source code is dependent on some libraries. You have to download and install them if you want to compile, run, or test the source code.


Naotaka Morimoto (@naotakaM)


ClipMenu is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

Icons are copyrighted by their respective authors.

  • Crashes under Yosemite DP7

    Crashes under Yosemite DP7

    Presently, ClipMenu crashes under DP7

    9/3/14 12:05:48.861 AM ClipMenu[699]: CoreData: error: fatal: This NSManagedObjectContext was created on the main thread and illegally passed to a background thread.

    perhaps reflecting some more sandboxing / process security that keeps inching into Mac OS?

    opened by flipphillips 16
  • Clipmenu takes in VI commands from terminal

    Clipmenu takes in VI commands from terminal

    Hi, I have used ClipMenu for a couple years now and love it. Thanks for making such a great desktop tool. Recently on the latest version of MAC OS 10.10.4 I began having problems with VI commands and ClipMenu. For example:

    Go to terminal > edit a file vi .bash_profile > delete a line using these vi commands dd or d$ > go to ClipMenu and you'll see the line's content in clipboard history

    Can I fix this in the preferences?

    opened by nictrix 6
  • update to Xcode >3 ?

    update to Xcode >3 ?

    I was wondering, if you plan to update the code base so that it can be compiled on systems which are newer than 6 years old.

    I'd like to add a few features, but unfortunately there are 2 IB plugin dependencies, which I can't resolve with my Xcode 5.

    opened by tessus 4
  • Develop



    opened by nacika-ins 4
  • Add .circleci/config.yml

    Add .circleci/config.yml

    opened by image72 0
  • Travis ci

    Travis ci

    opened by image72 0
  • Subfolders ?

    Subfolders ?

    Sorry just to know if snippets subfolders will be available in ClipMenu ?

    opened by designt 0
  • clipmenu shortcut not working

    clipmenu shortcut not working

    Hello, great app! recently though, the shortcut to open clipmenu (ctrl+cmd+b) has stopped working... can't really tell why. I've restarted the computer but it's still like that. Happily the app still works, but having been used to the shortcut and now having to go look for it in the menu bar is a bit... well, slow, only that.

    I'm on macos 10.13.6 btw

    Thanks and great work!!

    opened by illustribe 0
  • Link to Clipy (ClipMenu fork) in README

    Link to Clipy (ClipMenu fork) in README

    For a fork of ClipMenu that has continuing support, you could share a link to https://github.com/Clipy/Clipy

    opened by fritz-c 0
  • Loss of focus

    Loss of focus

    Most of the time when I press CMD + SHIFT + V and try to go through available clipboards via keyboard there's no focus and the focus is lost.

    opened by ahmadawais 4
  • Snippets location for backup and restore

    Snippets location for backup and restore

    Hi, I need to restore my snippets. Where can I locate the file(s) to be able to restore the snippets ? Thanks

    opened by alojacode 4
  • Help: OSX update just took my cmd-shift-v

    Help: OSX update just took my cmd-shift-v

    I've been using cmd-shift-v for clipmenu shortcut but latest update of OSX took this as "paste and match style" and I can't seem to find any way to unset that. Any tips highly appreciated!

    opened by hedefalk 4
  • Dropbox link dead for ClipMenu-1.0.0a1

    Dropbox link dead for ClipMenu-1.0.0a1


    File not found, link seems dead. How can I download the dmg for the latest beta version?

    opened by Vadorequest 6
  • Sticky items - feature request

    Sticky items - feature request

    Thank you very much for this beautiful and useful application 🤗 There are always a few important items I want to keep at the top of the list. This is very useful for quick access 🤓👨‍💻 I hope you add this feature request in the new version.

    opened by dailycommit 3
  • stopped working completely?

    stopped working completely?

    I get this error now :

    The application “ClipMenu” can’t be opened.

    opened by slootzky 3
  • ClipMenu downloads no longer working

    ClipMenu downloads no longer working

    Seems like the dropbox account tied to clipmenu's download links is gone. Anything we can do to help get that back up?

    opened by hugocorbucci 7
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